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Phasing the overtones of the c

An installation/performance of 7 selfmade horn speakers.

There are these days that you go out of your house, wander around on the streets and encounter something extraordinary. This is what happened to me.

While just riding my bike to school, I passed this street surrounded by big buildings. And then I mean, buildings reaching the clouds.

In between these buildings there were, I don’t know, around 7 police cars. But the beautiful part was that they all had their sirens on. Two tones, all in canon, bouncing between those high buildings.

This I had to share with everyone!

The work contains 7 horn speakers, where one is 1.5 times bigger than the others. The big one plays a frequency of 262hz(or the middle C), while the others play the overtones of that frequency. Also do they play a slightly changing frequency above that, that creates oscillating and spacing sounds. All this recreates the waves of sounds, like the police cars. Simple, basic sinus waves that create more sounds in your head and in the acoustics of the space.