As an artist I mainly work with sound, searching for new ways to create my own language, 
with the focus on narratives, metaphor and moral. Already studied to become a sound engineer
 I still wanted to research more in the field of sound. On the study ArtScience on the Royal 
Academy of Arts in the Hague I had the chance to study sound on an abstract and scientific way. 
Here I started to make my own insturments and speakers, inspired by Harry Partch's works. 
With these instruments and tools I create performances and happenings, which sometimes 
happen in unexpected places or moments. What I aim for with my work is finding uncommon 
outcomes, but sometimes also just to wake us up on those moments we intend to doze off.


2017 BA ArtScience, KABK The Hague

2013 Audiovisueel Medewerker, Deltion College Zwolle          

Artist in residence                                 

2015 Oddstream, Nijmegen


2017 ADE Sound Lab

Exhibition & performance                         

2018 Uncloud Festival, Utrecht

2018 MIR project @ Grasnapolsky, Radio Kootwijk 

2017 Electric Poetry, van Abbehuis Eindhoven

2017 Spektrum, Berlin Germany

2017 Prototyp Festival, Brno Czech Republic

2017 ADE Sound Lab, Lab111 Amsterdam

2017 Get them While They're Hot, Leiden

2017 Graduation Festival, KABK the Hague

2017 Ginko Modular Fest, de Besturing the Hague

2017 ArtScience Preview Exhibition, the Hague

2016 SuBmarine Festival, De Besturing Den Haag vj/sculpture /w Nico Urban

2016 A Delta gyermekel, Muszi Budapest RecPlay improv ensemble

2016 Transmediale, Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin RecPlay improv ensemble

2016 Transmediale, Spektrum Berlin RecPlay improv ensemble

2015 Odd Talks, Nijmegen group exhibition

2015 Cymatics Weekend, Klein Berlijn Apeldoorn organisator/curator

2015 European Affairs, Krakow Poland group exhibition

2014 White City, White Canvas, White Noise, Belgrade Serbia group exhibition

2014 Vivarra Performance TECART Rotterdam group performance