As a sound-artist, Stefano Murgia searches for new methods of creating and presenting music. After having studied to become a sound engineer, he continued his research in the field of sound. While studying ArtScience at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, Murgia had the chance to research sound in both philosophical and scientific approaches. Here, he started to make his own instruments and speakers and drew inspiration from the work of Moondog, and Harry Partch, among others.

In the past years, Murgia focused on topics such as “sonic architecture” and “acoustic ecology”. Through his research, he got inspired by the source-path-receiver concept. Murgia uses this model as the base for his projects where this concept is normally applied to deal with environmental noise. He interprets the source-path-receiver interface as follows:

The creation of the sound source, the location where the source will be, and the way how it will be presented and perceived.

Areas of research:
sonic architecture - sonic ecology in an urban setting - acoustics - microtones - the language of objects and sounds - (musical) instruments - (modular) synthesizers - spatial and/or nonlinear compositions - metallurgy

Throughout the past years, I have been generously supported by

Braunschweig Projects

Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industries
Stroom Den Haag