Acoustics Based on Tubes

Acoustics Based on Tubes is a project inspired by wind instruments, air ducts, and the correlations between wind and sound. In initial experiments, it became apparent that while most tubes and wind instruments have an initial sound source, the tube itself usually serves especially as a resonating body. Thus, it is sometimes a reed, or even the throat of the musician, which usually triggers the sound. However, the "Acoustics Based on..." series is primarily concerned with how the shape of certain objects produces a certain sound. The question arose of how the tubes can be made to sing by themselves - without there being an original sound source that is amplified by the tube. Based on this research, Murgia designed various modular tubes in varying shapes that are intended to produce sound through processes such as vortex shedding and the Coandă effect. These 3D-printed tubes can be assembled in different variations to form modular tube towers, and are then played by sucking wind through them.

This project was made possible with the generous support of HBK Braunschweig
Photographer Stefan Stark