Sonic Clusters

With Sonic Clusters my aim is to experiment with new ways of creating and presenting music. Multiple sonic objects are carefully assorted as clusters around a specific site. In this project the audience becomes the conductor of the their own composition.

GinDS split in two

During my residency at GinDS I have created three clusters around the bunker, inspired by its symmetry. The left side was rough with noises coming from the airplanes and highway, while the right side was more gentle with animals, a canal and trains passing by. This led to the following clusters:
“Ecological interaction”, a composition recorded with my modular synthesizer which acts as an extension to the soundscape;
“Talking chimneys”, where small electronic devices gave a voice to the chimneys on top of the bunker;
“Altered environment”, where selfmade shotgun microphones presented a live alteration of the sounds left and right of the bunker. 


Location GinDS
Hoofddorp, NL

Event DaarGinDS

Date 25 September 2021


10 DC vibration motors
Teensy 3.6
ULN2803A chips
Speaker wire
Aluminium tubes
Steel tubes
Pvc tubes
Satellite dish
MAX4466 electrets
18 Watt TDA2030 mono amps

Ecological interaction

Talking chimneys

Altered environment

This project was made possible with the generous support of GinDS