New case, new modules

With some spare days before the new exhibition "electric poetry" in the Albert van Abbehuis I've been asked for, I took the chance to create a bigger case for my eurorack system and finish the 4 oscillators I still had to finish. This will be the first time that I exhibit this installation for more than just a couple of days. This means I have to create a system that is easy to turn on by somebody other than myself and also to have compositions long enough not to get boring after just a short period.

Here you can see the building process of the oscillators:

I saw some other cases made from aluminium and this would be a perfect fit for with my installation. I used aluminium with 2mm thickness and made it the same size as the stand I already made before for the installation. What took the most time was sanding it. I wanted to do it the same way as I did the forms for my installation so it would have the same look. I sanded it with three different sanding papers, starting with a rough one and finishing it with fine sanding paper.

Here are some pictures of the process:

Here is some documentation of the exhibition at the Albert van Abbehuis. Normally I play more drone or melodic sounds through the forms, but because this is an exhibition just for sound-art, I chose to emphasize the objects own characters. By repeating pulses of different frequencies I hope the audience has a better change of hearing the differences between the forms. On different exhibitions I like to use the forms as instruments and perform with them.